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Integro Earth Fuels, Inc. was founded in 2007 and is a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. Integro was formed to develop and commercialize a torrefied biomass fuel that can burned with or in place of coal by electric utilities.

Our mission is lead the development and prodution of torrefied biomass fuels as the most cost-effective renewable alternative to coal. We are a technology company, positioned to grow quickly through joint ventures and licensing of its intellectual property as well as selective development of wholly-owned NuCoal facilities. 

Integro’s proprietary torrefaction process — in which wood and/or other biomass undergoes a thermochemical transformation at high temperatures in an inert atmosphere — creates a densified, water-resistant biofuel that can be transported, stored, handled, ground and burned with coal or as a stand-alone fuel, known as NuCoal™.

NuCoal™ is a carbon-neutral fuel made from sustainable wood waste and forest residues. Unlike other renewable options, NuCoal™offers a baseload generation solution that helps coal-fired generators reduce emissions and meet renewable standards without costly changes to plant operations or infrasturcure. By leveraging existing coal-fired infrasturcture, NuCoal™can be used a cost generally lower than competing renewable opetions.