Introducing NuCoal™


Key Product Features

Renewable - NuCoal can be produced from a broad mix of sustainable biomass resources. Raw material can be sourced from forest residues (tops and limbs left behind in timber operations) agricultural waste, assorted grasses, and pulpwood.

Durable – NuCoal is durable. Testing with the Electric Power Research Institute (“EPRI”) showed that NuCoal created 4% fines in simulated transport. The mechanical durability of the material was measured at 97.5%.

Hydrophobic – In tests NuCoal was submerged in water in a 72-hour moisture test that resulted in a less than of 5% uptake of moisture (by weight), similar to coal.

Dense - NuCoal has been measured with density levels from 43-55 lbs. per cubed foot.

Grindable - Grindability testing conducted by the Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories measured NuCoal at 50+ on Hardgrove Index, very similar to coal.

High Energy Value - In testing of calorific value, for the EPRI study and in other research, Integro consistently produced NuCoal at Btu levels from 9,500 to as high as 11,000. Integro performed 138 feedstock tests resulting in the production of over 600 batches.

No or Limited Capital Expenditure Requirement -  Heat and power generators with coal-fired assets can readily integrate NuCoal within the framework of their existing infrastructure. If the user has a reclaim system able to meter multiple fuel sources, NuCoal can be piled, reclaimed and metered without additional expense. Should the reclaim system require an upgrade, the utility would only need to install a separate open pile storage and metering system. Lastly, at high co-firing levels, certain boilers may required limited modification to most efficiently burn NuCoal.