Not all biomass is created equal. Biomass comes for a wide variety of sources, in a wide variety of forms. While all types can be used to produce energy, not all biomass can be used in a way that benefits our environment and communities. 

When done right, biomass energy promises to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate harmful air pollutants without causing adverse impact to ecosystems. It also produces numerous economic and social benefits, such as increased energy security or creation of well-paying jobs - many of them in rural communities - in a growing domestic industry.

The value of NuCoal is rooted in the environmental benefit our fuel provides. We are committed stewards of our environment and leaders in the production of sustainable biomass fuels for power generation.

Our proprietary process allows us to produce NuCoalTM from a range of biomass feedstocks, including woody biomass, purpose-grown crops, grasses, and industrial, agricultural and municipal wastes. This capability allows Integro to choose the most sustainable raw materials available and maximize the environmental benefits of NuCoal. The ability to utilize low-cost waste helps us produce the most economical fuel possible for our customers.